We use data-driven practices and develop bespoke business programmes for organisations looking to maximise the performance of their teams.   

At Supa Talent, we assist organisations looking to nurture the human capital of their teams by creating and delivering tailored programmes to increase their overall workforce output.

Programme Design

We create and deliver bespoke programmes for organisations looking to invest in their workplace culture, and most importantly, their people. We create programmes for a range of purposes - from training senior management and graduate programme training - to internal accelerator programmes and more. We offer programmes which run from day-long experiences to 12 month programmes.

Programme Management

Supa Talent is composed of some of the world’s leading coaches and facilitators. We have delivered multiple workshops, programmes and projects for the past few years, and are available to work alongside organisations looking for support in these areas.

Talent scouting

The Supa Network is expansive and extensive. We have direct access to hard to reach, diverse individuals looking to make impactful change. We partner with organisations looking to attract the most diverse, top talent in the United Kingdom.

Our Core Programmes

Productivity & Performance Coaching

We work extensively with organisations looking to maximise the productivity and performance of their workforce. We cover essential digital skills, team work, performance management and more. We use findings from our pre-programme scoping to deliver a unique session for each organisation.

Talent recruitment and retention

At Supa, we have access to some of the UK’s most sought-after and diverse talent. We scope out talent acquisition plans, source talent, and create programmes to help organisations with workplace culture and policy.

Companies Supa works with

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